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Retul is an incredible 3D motion-capture bike fitting system

Latest technology, qualified fitters , the most accurate fitting solution in the industry and so much more!

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Retul Bike Fitting

Would you prefer to be fit sitting stationary on your bike or pedalling under load where you spend most of your time.Learn More


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In preparation for the Scott 24hr I got my bikes fit up by Mark who uses Retul. It was fantastic knowing that each of my bikes were going to be set-up exactly to the same to the mm!
Jason English, JasonEnglishRacing
I had a fitting done by Mark also. I had so many adjustments made to my bike from what I thought was the correct position.  What a world of difference it made! I can now be in the saddle for 4 hours plus with no pains or aches!
Tai Huynh
Highly recommended for anyone who has never had a bike fitting or is unsure of bike fitting /settings or anyone experiencing discomfort while riding. Very professional, and interesting to see your body wired up to a computer and all the angles and setting taken into account. Worthwhile for any weekend warrior or pro wanting to get more out of their body and bike cheers again mark
Matthew Clarke, OsteoHealing